Circles – Limbo

The Nothing.   There is actually a comfort in darkness. If you can’t see something then it, this is when the thought hits him. What if something is here and it can see him? Panic sets in, he can see nothing. He feels along the ground with his feet; it is just flat. Like a stone that has cracked in half, it is smooth, flawless. He drags his foot around, moving as he does so…

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The Aged Traveller

Time, time is cruel. You can say whatever you want, but you can never understand that time is a complete bastard. There is nothing special about it, the problem is what they do not tell you. I am here in this asylum; they call it a home, and it is because I messed with time. Excuse me one moment and I’ll explain. Right, that’s better. It is one perk of being here, free drugs! First…

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