A Ghosts Story

A Ghost Story – Post 5

10.  1986.


  He was tied and bound in a chair, a dirty gag shoved in his mouth. He looked around the room trying to work out where he was or how he had gotten here. It was difficult to see but it looked like an old building, he was guessing abandoned given the few windows he could see were boarded shut and the state of the place. The fog in his mind was starting to clear. He had been at the local nightclub – Vega’s – He had left there and then, and then what had happened then?. Think Damnit, think!. ​​ Okay so he had left Vega’s and was heading home. He had missed the last bis so he was resigned to walking. Things were clearer now, he could remember getting to Taunton road and hearing the voice coming from the canal. Had he been sober he probably would have carried on walking, but ​​ he wasn’t and he didn’t. He took the short pathway at a slow pace careful not to fall over and listening for any noises that were out of the ordinary he heard and sensed nothing. He walked towards the tunnel under the bridge telling himself he was not going to go under the damn thing, voice pleading for help or not. He got nearer but couldn't see anything so he turned to return. That was when it hit him. What it was he had no idea but whatever it was it had hit him hard and now he found himself here. His senses were back to normal now the muzzy head had cleared and all he felt was a sense of panic. Being kidnapped he though was a speedy way to sober yourself up, it was not a method he would recommend though. The spotlight was shining right at him, it made anything on that side of the room impossible to make out. He tried to shout but the gag in his mouth ​​ was stopping all but a few mumbles. “It will all be over soon” a voice said from the corner of the room. A drip hit his head it grew stronger until he was being covered in water, no not water petrol. The smell filled his nostrils and the realisation of where he was and what was going to happen flooded his brain. Four people had been found dead so far, burnt alive in derelict building around the town. ​​ He started to struggle with the chair as the petrol stopped. He was covered head to foot in the stuff and if it ignited he stood no chance. “Don’t worry, we’ll all be warm soon” the voice said and he looked towards it. He saw the smile of his killer in the light as the match was struck. A largely toothless smile mockingly looked back at him as it flicked the match towards him. The flames started at his feet but as fire is apt to do it soon spread upwards. The cheap fabric of his clothing melted and welded itself to his skin. Gripping and holding him together as the fire took root. The skin on his legs stretching to breaking point and cracking open in volcanic sores, the plastic mixing with blood and flesh. The fire tore up his body, the fumes of the petrol lighting first allowing him the horror of seeing the flames before his eyes before they boiled in the sockets. His skin was cracking and creaking boiling blood flowing and cauterising before burning away all the fuel source that had once been his body. The last thing he remembered before his brain finally flickered out the mixed smell of petrol, burning flesh, melted plastic and his hair buring atop of him like a candle. It was not - truth be told - an unpleasant smell.


11.  Endless Rain.


 David stormed out of the house and straight down the driveway. Molly called out to him “David, David wait. You cant escape this thing”. Watch me he thought, not even bothering to turn around, had he done so he would have seen that she was the only one trying to stop him from leaving. The rain lashed down as he tried to smoke. He stomped on forwards trying to ignore it. Pfft, ​​ stay put, it wont let me leave. Well fuck that.

 But what if she was right?

He threw his cigarette to the floor it was pointless in this weather anyway, no sooner had he lit it he was throwing it away, throwing away money almost literally. The fact that smoking in itself was burning money and this was just getting it wet and saving his lungs escaped him. The rain was getting harder and harder his visibility was falling almost as quickly as the rain. He rounded a corner and saw it. At first he thought it was another building maybe if he had any luck a local pub but as he got closer he could see it was the house he had just left.

Bloody rain!

He knew it was pointless, he knew she was right but he turned around and headed back in the direction he had just come from. Rain gets heavier and heavier and then back to the house. He thought about third time lucky, but seeing Molly on the doorstep made him stop. “I told you its useless” she said.


  “Honestly I don't know. If I had the answers I’d tell you” He considered.

 Truth? Manipulation, She’d.. well they’d done it once on the sofa was this the same

 “Why should I trust you?” ​​ 

  “I can’t answer that. You’ll do what you want to do. I’m only trying to help”. She was right, he would do what he wanted to do, but what could he do. Walk around in circles all day? He went and sat on the step and lit up. “Talk to me David”

 “Why the games in the front room?” Not that he had not enjoyed it and felt comforted, at least until he knew what was going on. “You didn’t feel better?”

 “Seriously?” He got up to leave once again, she put her hand on his shoulder and sat next to him. He shuffled over, like a young teenager at a school disco moving just out of touch. “Okay, okay sorry. Distraction, Suggestion and emotion. I distracted, Milly suggested and well emotion took care of itself.”

 “So it was all a game?”

  “Life is a game, that was a method used to calm you and get you to open up” He couldn't deny that it had worked. The details he had remembered and the voice, it had been there all the time in his head but he had not been able to remember it until that point. Had he blocked his own sons voice from him memory, forgotten it so quickly?. “Was it my sons voice I heard?”

 “I don't want to answer everything with I don't know, but I really don't. Possibly maybe even probably. We’ll know sooner or later”


  “We’re going to summon it”



 When they got back into the front room something that had been bothering David suddenly popped into his head. Some people consider what they are going to say and David could be that type of person however this time his mouth engaged before his brain.

 Alcohol, oh wonderful alcohol. Loosening mouths and other things with ease.

“If ghosts cant hurt people, then what the fuck happened to Chris?” and there is was, the question that was bubbling on the top of his tongue. “Who told you ghosts cant hurt people?” Molly asked.

  “Michael” David poured a drink for himself. If he was going to be stuck here, he was going to get pissed. Fuck it, it had been one of those days. “Well they cant” said Milly “Not traditionally anyway. They prey on fears and use them against you.”

 “Its not just ghosts though” Michael said “I gave you a quick run down, the details did not seem important at the time. You have Succubi, Demons, Werewolves, Vampires and all the other crap escaping the void. Most can hurt you. The myths are myths but have some basis in fact”

 Vampires? Werewolves? Have I walked into a bloody asylum.

“Bitten by a werewolf or vampire? You die. Myths, but not accurate.”

  “And Chris?”

   “Could have been anything, we did not see it so its hard to know” Said Molly “It was not a ghost though”

 “You are all fucking insane” David said, finished his drink and topped up his glass.


12.  1960.


 He examined the bodies. Beautiful, not pure yet but still beautiful. Suxamethonium had seemed the perfect drug. Unfortunately the effects of the paralysis were short and if you were not careful often fatal. Then he had met the tall man, the tall man from the other world. So he claimed anyway. In exchange for blood he had supplied a serum. What he wanted the blood for he did not know nor did he care. What he cared about was being able to watch his victims die as they lay motionless, watching the spark in their eyes as he performed his work. That was the turn on, that was what got him going. The hunt was fun, the capturing amazing but the final act. It all has to come together in the final act. The rest is preparation for an ending that blows his mind. Take the current crop, perfectly formed. A little light bruising from the serum being injected but nothing a little makeup would not disguise. He cleaned and washed the bodies inch by inch taking his time. He watched the eyes, the life still shining so brightly in them. The razor came next, with this he had to be extra careful. He had once in the early days cut a man doing this and that had ruined everything. That was one of the other reasons Suxamethonium was problematic different people needed different doses. Having someone wake and struggle whilst you are performing your art, and then causing you to ruin it! It was just not on. Did Da Vinci have to mess about with this nonsense, no, so why should he. He only used the best shaving soap and he used his own silvertip shaving brush. The excitement if he was caught of using his own brush, his own brush that he had also used on so many others!. He gently soaped the areas with hair, leaving the pubic area until last. He enjoyed shaving there but it had to come last. If the rest was perfect then that had to be better than perfect. “Now to make you pure again” He said as he went to work on the legs. The legs were the most boring part. Straight and he had mastered it. The knees and ankles occasionally gave him trouble, but he could get it done quickly enough. The arms and especially the armpits took a little longer but finally he had them done. It was hard not to look into their eyes as he does it to see the fear. Now to the part he enjoyed, he covered the pubic area in soap and started. It took him longer than all the other parts combined but finally he was done, it was almost perfect.

 Time, time time. He does not have the time!

He only had a limited amount of time to draw the blood, but first he had to get what he wanted. He grabbed the talc and began to carefully cover the bodies. The white skin would be the final touch this time. He paid special attention to the neck on the first one covering the bruising with a little foundation first and then talc. It was not perfect, he’d have to position it in a certain way. He went to the clothes rail and fingered through the dresses looking for the perfect match. He found just what he wanted the colours were right too, the contrast would be magnificent. He dressed them using his fabric brush to remove any excess talc and moved them into position. The roll film camera had been an expensive purchase but it was vital. He had read about the camera in a magazine and he knew it would be perfect. The Model 120 Polaroid was as good as he had anticipated. He could take a shot and have the photo anytime he wanted. The backdrop had also been a gift from his tall friend. He had called it the void. He had not used it yet, he had not had the subjects for it. However for this, for this it would be perfect. He positioned his two real life dolls on seats in front of it, carefully moving the heads so they were looking at each other. The bruising hidden from view of course. He went back to behind his tripod and looked at the scene. A black and white world in the backdrop with a splash of red outside a sports shop, with two black and white dolls sat before it. He snapped the shot and waited. The camera spat out the picture and he waited once again. Peeling slowly, he’d lost many a picture by rushing but this one was perfect, this one was his masterpiece. It was the splash of colour that made it, the splash of blood. Yes he was sure now that is exactly what it was. A splash of red in front of a shop called “Sports Direct”. It didn’t matter this was what his life was for, this was what he was put on the earth to do. He walked to the other side of the room and drew a curtain that was covering tens of photos on the wall. He grabbed some tape and doubled it over and stuck his latest picture at the very head of the pack. He turned back to the bodies and sighed, he hated this part. It was no fun at all, but a deals a deal. He grabbed the two ropes that were attached the ceiling on his way over and tied the ropes around their feet. Back to the other side of the room he pulled on one rope at a time lifting the bodies one by one into the air, feet first. He tied the ropes off. As always there was a knock on the door. How he knew it was time he would never find out but he always arrived just as the bodies were hung. He crept over to the door and peeked through the hole. He was always cautious but he was once again right the tall man stood outside. Tall and grey, very grey even his hair seemed greyer than usual. He opened the door and the tall man seemed to glide inside. “It is done?” Was he blind, of course it was done. But manners come first.

 “Yes, it is done” The tall man smiled, revealing his teeth for the first time. Everyone was spiked to a sharp point and he seemed to have a huge amount of them “Goooooooood” he said as he lunged at the mans neck.


13.  The Seance.


 “I am not taking part in this” David said.

  “You are part of this” Molly replied. David finished his glass, starting to get very drunk now. “You cant force it Molly” Michael said “David, just be quiet please, we have to concentrate”

  “I’ll only talk to the ghosts” David joked refilling his glass.

 The three of them cleared the table from the centre of the room and sat on the floor.

Kumbaya David though. They joined hands and spoke in unison. “Protect us from the darkness and the light, guide us on our journey through the void and to the nether” The lights blinked slightly, only slightly. Only Molly this time spoke “I Speak for us, I Speak to the evil here in this place. I command you to answer me”

 “She commands you” Milly chanted “Do as you are told” The lights blinked again, this time for a few seconds. David seemed to be the only one who saw this. It was that or they were expecting it and ignored it. “You are commanded!” Michael boomed and with that the lights went out.

 Darkness an unnatural darkness, like a thick pitch black fog had filled the room. David put his hands in front of his face, but even at six inches he could not see them. “David, don't panic. Just stay there” Molly said. The room shook and he could just about hear the voices of David and Milly in the background. He could not quite make out what they were saying, but they were talking to something other than each other. Then he worked it out, they were groaning, groaning in pleasure. It was then he felt her hand. One of the girls was feeling her way up his leg, she could not see in this fog either. She moved further up and her hair came into view. Black hair, then the white dress. It was Molly. She leant forward and whispered into his ear “don't worry” she climbed atop of him and straddled him “I am so glad its you and not Chris” she said as he kissed him with more fire and passion than he had ever been kissed before. Instinct told him to push her away, desire and lust kissed her back. She grabbed his hands and placed them on her thighs. Not tights, stockings he could feel the lace tops as she moved his hands up. Her hands moved to his trousers and undid them in a flash. Still kissing she let him ease inside. She threw her head back and grabbed his hands placing them around his neck. “Tighter” she said in a breathless voice and he squeezed a little. Not to tight, just a little. “Tighter” she begged, he tightened a little. As he tightened she sped up, the more he tightened the faster and more intense she got. He soon had hold of her neck as tight as he felt comfortable. They both finished at the same time and she slumped forwards on his body. Nibbling at his ear she whispered “Thank you” and nibbled a little more. He turned to look at her forgetting the fog, it must have been clearing. He could see her nick and the bruising but only one side, was that me he thought. No it couldn’t be there was a small puncture mark. He looked at her face and her eyes were white. Just white no pupils no colour at all. “Hi Dad” she said in Jason’s voice.

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