Born of blood – Lilith continuation.

Born of blood.


Day One.


Lilith was weak. Years. Decades. Millennia? She could not be sure how long she had been trapped in the mirror. The damn meddling Merlin and his dragon, if he were still alive she would take her revenge. She had wanted to visit prime, the place he had fled but she did not have the strength. It was probably for the best anyway had he been there he would have trapped her with ease what she needed was help. She was – when at her best – old and powerful however at this moment in time she young, figuratively, and powerless. She had been reborn, kept up her end of the deal as she always did. Then she had opened gateways to every world imaginable. That all went well it was when she had disguised herself that things went wrong. Was it part of that old fools curse, she would not have put it past him. Young enough and beautiful is what she had wanted and it is what she should have gotten, instead she was old, grey and falling apart at the seams. One last trick from an old busybody no doubt. She could not afford to get caught in this state they would have her destroyed in minutes, parts of her body scattered to all ends of the earth or some such nonsense. How damn inconvenient would that be.

She made her way through the trees seeing them again in something other than her imagination had reminded her how much she loved them. Although when she was strong again she would have to bring the autumn colours. Trees always looked better with that shade or orange, brown and reds merged together. First things first she needed blood. You create what you know and some of her earliest had been creatures that survived on the nourishment of blood. She did not need blood to live unlike some others however it could rejuvenate her ​​ it had to be a certain type though and that type would be tricky in her current state. She could have been overpowered by a toddler, let along a teenager. Maybe the gods have a sense of humour, maybe her long forgotten friend was smiling upon her but the world in which she found herself made solving that problem particularly easy. ​​ She crept through the trees to discover ​​ world, a world that she had not expected. When she had been imprisoned the world had been full of wooden houses, farmers and simple folk. Just how long had she been trapped? The world was filled with huge stone buildings. Mixing and twisting with the trees she had summoned. She had seen these before in other worlds that she had visited but never before in he own. The bright neon lights filled the now darkened world. This just will not do she thought as she took in her surroundings. She wandered the tarmacked pathways looking for a solution to her problem, well the initial solution. She watched a group of kids spray painting a wall one of them would be perfect she thought, maybe this world was not so bad after all. “Mother Nature Returns!” they had written on the wall, had it really been so long, had she been forgotten so quickly? She slumped in a corner and watched them, this was exhausting. Mother nature indeed, humbug. They finished their – term used loosely – artwork and went their separate ways. One remained maybe this world would still have its uses she pondered. “It wasn’t mother nature” she said the child turning to look at her. “What’s that grandma?” the jumped up little shite asked.

“I said it was not mother nature”

  “You What?” Bloody hell, the building style the technology may have evolved but the local wildlife had devolved. “Come here” she said gesturing as she did so. Thankfully with the devolution of the speech also came the devolution of the brain and he wandered over to her. Stupid, simple and with any luck enough life left in it. As he got closer she pounced grabbing his wrist and biting. The blood flowed freely and she drank for him. He was unable to resist once she had bitten he was held in a mystical paralysis held by her will and poisoned saliva. As she drank her hair turned from grey to brown and finally to a bleached blonde. Her breasts once sagging and hanging firmed up as did hey buttocks. The skin that had been hanging from her bones tightened and got its colour back turning from a dying rotting grey to a healthy pink. She dropped the body to the floor its purpose almost fully used. She turned and looked in a window. She looked around mid thirties youth once again returned to her frame, now did she have everything back? “Sack” she called out, and her sack appeared. The sack that had once captured death was now in her hands. She looked down at the body she had drained, it could still be of some use. She jammed her foot down into its face, dislodging the jaw bone. She reached down and tore it away it ripped like crackling from a pork joint. She threw it into the sack, clicked her fingers and the sack vanished as ​​ quickly as it had appeared. Now she was feeling better, feeling more like her old self. Rejuvenated, younger and more powerful than she had been in a long time she set of to explore what her world had evolved in to.


The Thin Man


She could not decide if she liked this new world. On the one hand the age of magics had been confined to history so it made lots of things a lot easier for her. The only believers the youngest of the young and naive easily manipulated idiots like the princess. However the lack of fear and respect annoyed her that would have to change were she to stay and make her home here. What finally made her decide that things would have to change was when she saw another set of teenagers attacking one of her trees. She was not having this, branches lay everywhere life snatched from them before they had even had much of a life. The hypocrisy of Lilith laid bare for all to see. Human life was worthless, but hurt her tree – or indeed any of her creations – and you would pay. She walked over to the group and ordered them to stop. “What are you gonna do about it sweetheart?” the tall one asked. Interesting she thought, her first victim in this new time had been short now she was looking at three others. One slim, one tall and one fat. She could maybe turn this to her advantage and find a use for these fools. Summoning her sack once again she just stared them down. “What am I going to do? Well how about this” she said. Had they been a little smarter or a little more aware of the past history of the world they may have suspected something was very wrong. Fortunately for Lilith and unfortunately for them they just thought she was a run of the mill street magician. It was just after they had been ordered into the sack, when they found themselves in a dark work sharing the space with only a jawbone that they started to speculate that maybe she was not a street performer after all. She carefully collected the sticks and branches that had been taken from her tree and stored them in the sack, she placed the smaller ones in it herself only using the power of the sack to collect the larger ones. He walked over to the tree and ran her hand down the hard bark on the trunk “They won’t harm you again” she said.


She headed back into her forest, she had decided this world would have to change. She did not like it, first things first. Creating lanterns from nothing she lit the clearing as she walked through and found the cavern of trees that would serve her for the time being, private enough for her. She stripped from the rags she had been wearing and created a black evening dress. Dressing herself and sorting her hair she was now ready. Bag summoned she called out “Out of the bag lanky” and the tall one shot from the bag. “And you my tree” the branches appeared. “Now we can do this the easy or the..” she couldn’t finish before he started mouthing off again, when would these people learn some respect. “Bitch, what did you do to me!” he screamed at her.

“The hard way then” she whipped her hand across his face ripping his jaw bone clean off. “I was going to keep you in one piece, but I only need this bit”. He reached up grabbing at where his jaw had once been. Blood, gristle and bone was all that was left. Shock kept him from doing anything, he did not have time to register the move had been so quick, so fast and had happened before he had realised. She drew a shape with her hand in the air, not saying a word and a wooden spike shot up from the ground impaling him from bottom to what was left of his mouth. He died in an instant. She placed the jaw bone down on the branches and looked at them. Using both hands now she motioned the spells of old and the wood and jaw started to vibrate a little. In days gone by she would have done this with ease, she was out of practice but it was working. She was just a little slower then normal. She paused and once again recounted the spell with her hands. This time just going a little slower. This time the jaw and branches vibrated with a real force, the ground opened up and swallowed them whole. Step one complete, now to think of a name. “I summon you ********” she called out. Her hands once again motioning as she did so. The ground opened and like the spike only slower a man appeared. He was tall and thin, grey skin and balding. Once he had completed his journey from sticks and bones to creature of Lilith’s design the ground closed. “Mistress, What do you wish of me?”

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