A Ghosts Story

A Ghosts Story – Post 3

5.Things that go bump in the night.


 “Come inside out of this shite weather, and I’ll explain” Michael said. They both went inside, David albeit reluctantly. He grabbed two glasses from the side along with a bottle of scotch. He poured two fingers into each glass and gestured for David to sit down. He sat and took the glass as it was handed to him. Michael started to talk. “Okay, forget being a cynic just for a moment and pretend that you believe”. Was it that obvious David thought, he had tried to hide his cynicism well but obviously not. “I’d have been more concerned if you had not been cynical. Being cynical is crucial. Right, so I believe and so do you”. They both took a sip, David just listened. “If ghosts are real, then why have they never been proven to exist?. Well God’s never been proven to exist and neither has the devil but plenty of people believe in them. However what if they could only cross at certain points, certain times, certain places and for certain people? It has to have a link to a place or a person and strong enough to have survived the breaking of the veil. So in order for things to work you need four things. Stop me if I am going to fast, I know I can ramble” David just nodded, he was not overly interested and really just wanted David to get to the point but this was good scotch and if he was going to be stuck here anyway. “Okay four things. You need a place, a person, a point but more importantly a certain time. You see this is why its so hard to find proof. This is why you see video after video of ‘orbs’, bloody specs of dust knocked up as people walk around in places filled with dust. People see ghosts, people report ghosts. Ghost hunters come running in and see dust in the dark. What they’re always missing is the time and the point. They have the place, they usually have the person who is connected but not the point and time. You get one chance, only one. That is why its so hard to prove. Science requires you to recreate an experiment, how can you recreate something without all the ingredients?, Top up?” He offered the bottle and poured them both another few fingers. “Right so that's the basics, there is a bit more to it than that but laymen terms and all that. I investigate things and play the cynic. I believe but I can be objective and cynical, Milly and Molly can summon, sense and control and Chris is our person who will be contacted. You have to understand cynical or not that these things are real and they can be incredibly dangerous. Okay as you may be here a while some Precautions. Ghosts can not hurt you. Humans kill humans, not ghosts. So no matter what you have to remember that. They will however fuck with your head. I don't mean that lightly I lost a good friend to it. If I had known then what I know now then things may have been different.” He leant forward and poured another glass, offering it to David refused. “I think I need the loo, and a smoke first”

Understood, its times like this that I wished I smoked. Toilets upstairs first on the right”


6.Sticky Doors.


He made his way out of the front and towards the reception room stairs. He had started to feel a little light-headed already he should have had breakfast, but he had not been expected to be drinking. The stairs circled the reception area leading to the first floor. If the outside of the house was the crooked man’s house the inside was wonderfully preserved, bar the dust he thought as he grabbed the bannister. Dusting his hands of he went upstairs. He could not put his finger on it at first but there was something not quite right about the pictures on the walls. He looked at them as he walked trying to see what was wrong. It came to him in the end and it was strange. The pictures were all dust free, but stranger still was that he knew them all. They could not be originals as some of them were incredibly valuable but even though he was not a great art lover he knew them all. He could not have told you the artists, nor the age but he recognised every single one. He moved upstairs and finally found the door he wanted. He grabbed the doorknob and turned it. The door was locked, no not locked it was stuck. He could not even see it moving and the door did not appear to have a lock. He knocked just to be safe but got no reply. He put his foot on the bottom of the door and tried to give it a gentle push. Gentle turned into forceful but still the door wouldn't move. ​​ He tried using his shoulder his full fifteen stone pushing against the door. It did not even shift a millimetre. The door was well and truly jammed. He must have the wrong door or he had misheard Michael. He moved along the hallway to the second door on the right he grabbed the doorknob, twisted and pushed. The door swung open with ease. He took one step forward, stopped and paused for a second and then said the only thing he could in that situation “Jesus bloody christ I’m sorry” before backing out as quickly as he could and shutting the door. ​​ He had been curious about Milly and Molly, who wouldn’t have been but upon opening the door he had seen more than he had wanted too. One tall, one short. One jet black hair, one clean white. Both completely hairless elsewhere and very very naked. He backed away only stopping when he had hit the opposite wall. Strange indeed he thought. “I am so sorry” he said to the door “I was just looking for the toilet”. No reply. So if they either love or hate you he had not got of to a great start. The door opened and the white haired one stepped out now fully dressed.

Quick dresser, perfect woman for a night out!

She was wearing white tights, black shoes and a small black dress. Her hair was tied in lose pigtails and thankfully she smiled at him. “Hi, I’m Milly” she said without a hint of embarrassment. “Err, Yeah look I am sorry, I had no idea”. Molly came out of the room also dressed this time. Black hair in pigtails too, black tights white shoes and a white dress. Opposites attract. “Don't be silly” Said Molly “Its not like you’ve never seen a naked body before” they both laughed.

Are they flirting with me? Testing for a reaction?

“I just could not get the door open, so I thought it was the wrong one. I really am very sorry I should have knocked”

Nonsense” Said Molly. She walked past him to the first door on the right, twisted the handle and pushed. It swung open without any resistance. “Maybe you just needed a strong woman to help you out” said Milly as she moved past him, she was close to him. Very close. The hallway was wide enough for all three of them to have walked side by side down its full length yet she was deliberately and quite unashamedly close. He took a step to the right and forward towards the previously stuck door. He grabbed it by the knob and pulled it shut, he twisted and pushed and it opened with ease. He looked on the inside and couldn't see any lock. Just to be sure he pulled it shut again and pushed it open again. Once more it just opened with ease. “Look once again I am so sorry”.

Don’t be silly, silly” Molly said. The two of them turned and headed downstairs. They were in perfect unison. Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot. He watched until they were around the corner and out of sight. Strange, very strange he thought.

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