A Ghosts Story

A Ghosts Story.

Part one – of many I think – will be posted soon. It is a story that originally started out as a screenplay written by myself and my brother (Hey Barry!). It has changed a hell of a lot since those days and now is part of a larger whole. It is a simple ghost story but it also introduces the priest who will become an important person in my Bridgwater set. The story is…

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Anxiety Spider

Tick Tick. The room is silent, just the ticking of an old clock to keep him company. Can he really hear the clock, of that he is not sure it could just be the drugs. Pregabalin and Diazepam are his company. They keep him somewhat sane. He is waiting for the door, he’s always waiting for the door. Coffee, drugs and the door. The story of his existence. Tock Tock. The tock follows the tick.…

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